For general information about the Halloween Fun Fair, please see our Fun Fair page!

We are in "dire" need of volunteers for the Halloween Fun Fair.  The Fun Fair raises much-needed money that the PTA uses for student enrichment at Hollis Elementary School (both the Hollis Primary School and the Hollis Upper Elementary School).  This great event wouldn't be possible without volunteers!

Please go to the Online Form to volunteer for the Fun Fair!

If you can spare just an hour or two of your time to help set-up, cleanup, bake, or run an activity, we would greatly appreciate it!  We need close to 100 volunteers to make the Fun Fair a success!  To volunteer, please click the link above.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Haunted House has a separate online sign-up form.  To volunteer for the Haunted House, please go to the Haunted House volunteer sign-up form.

For any questions about volunteering for the Halloween Fun Fair, please contact Robyn Panciocco at  Many thanks!

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